How To plan Your Wedding During Coronavirus Pandemic

October 14, 2020




He asked and she said yes, ring swapped, finger tangled, and now its time to head toward the big fat dream wedding with enormous pre-wedding and wedding shoot, friends, family ample of the guest, but wait! you are forgetting something

Love Marriage is irresistible so is a coronavirus.

Relax you don’t have to blow your love candles, proper planning and taking certain measures during this coronavirus pandemic can prevent ruining your special day.

Start Panning keeping these things in your mind and you will experience a great wedding during this pandemic also.



  • Avoid Destination Wedding:

  Indians have been dreaming of a destination wedding especially after Virushka’s Wedding. But the destination wedding will not be the right choice as your guest have to travel and risking their lives for your wedding when is not save outside will not be a good idea, but you can surely limit your guest and Virushka did, this will prevent overcrowding and decreases the chance of spreading coronavirus. Try some places nearby that are convenient for everyone.


  • Make Sure Your Venue Is Taking Proper Measures:


When you’re engaged, it’s hard to stop those Wedding butterflies in your stomach for a longer time, you surely don’t want this pandemic to put a jerk in your wedding. To celebrate safely firstly, make sure that the venue your are booking is taking all the necessary measures to prevent coronavirus and following all the guidelines given for the wedding as the wellbeing of the guest is very important



  • Social Distancing:

As per government guidelines, to avoid coronavirus people should maintain 3 feet distance from each other. Whatever venue you are booking makes it clear that they have ample space for the guest to maintain 3 feet distance from each other, room should be spacious, especially the dining area.



  • Mask is necessary But You Can Make It Trendy:

It’s hard to hide your glimmering face and expensive makeup with a boring mask, nobody wants to do that and many guests may avoid wearing a mask during the ceremony but we cannot avoid taking measures.

Arrange a trendy customized mask matching your Wedding Decoration and offer all the guest at the time of entry. A customized mask will add elegance to the look and gives a themed party feeling.


  • Take Care Of Food Safety And Avoid Buffet System:


Food Safety is very important, hire the best professional cook who will prepare and serve the food with safety and in sanitized utensils. Avoid buffet systems during the wedding this will prevent forming a congested line waiting for the turn. The proper Sitting arrangement will be best, try to serve food in the open air to avoid congestion.


  • Photography:

 After Bride and Groom, the Wedding Photographer is the most important person. Obviously, he is going to capture your special day for making it memorable forever.

Before hiring a Wedding photography Studio/ Photographer make sure they also take all the necessary measures to prevent a coronavirus outbreak. By god grace, we at Ansh Studio take each and every, small to big precaution during the Wedding Shoot with a high-quality camera maintaining social distancing & sanitization and giving the best short of your wedding day where the two hearts decide to beat as one and step toward eternity.

The wedding never goes as planned but this pandemic will make us do that, but in the end, you are married to the person you dreamt of and marrying during coronavirus has the benefit that husband will never forget your wedding anniversary date. 


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