How To Pick A Wedding Venue. A checklist Of Things To Consider

November 28, 2020




How To Pick A Wedding Venue. A checklist Of Things To Consider.

They were madly in love with each other and, by god’s grace Papa Maan Gaye. Both the families agreed to their love marriage and, now it’s time to head towards the wedding preparation. One of the biggest expenses and decisions of a Wedding preparation is choosing a venue. A wedding venue plays a very special role in intensifying the beauty of your wedding theme, decor, story, & even your wedding attire and it’s not to be taken casually.

Relax, you don’t need a wedding planner for this. Here, we have a very helpful checklist that will surely uncomplicate your choice.

A wedding checklist is here with things to consider make when you start picking a wedding venue.

  • Pick a location according to your wedding style:

           Most couple wants a destination wedding and, some marries in their city only. Firstly, prioritize                 your preferred location and filter the venues.

  • Wedding Budget: You are planning a wedding then you need to have an idea of what amount you want to spend on your wedding and the venue comes under that. Almost half of your wedding budget goes into catering and decoration. Decoration does it all even your budget is low and choosing an affordable venue, a classy decoration will save you. Ya but, don’t compromise on food nobody will spare you.                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Estimate a date count:  You cannot guess the exact number of guests that will attend your wedding because this never goes according to plan. You should always be prepared for an extra plate. But still, at least you can have an idea of the people you are inviting. estimate the number of guests and book a venue according to your need.                                                                                                     
  • Choose a date: How can we forget this, while filtering the venue have a check whether it is available on your preferred date or not or you can choose a venue first then decide the date.
  • Decide the theme:  Not everyone wants a big fat wedding, some like a formal and simple ceremony, or not too casual or too loud. It’s all your choice of thinking, this will surely help a lot to filter the venue faster

Here we have some questions that you can ask after you decided the venue of your choice.

  • First and Most important, what safety measures they take for preventing coronavirus outbreaks?
  • Is the Capacity of the venue enough to satisfy your Ceremony Guests list?
  • Is there a wedding coordinator to guide or suggest?
  • Is the parking sufficient for your guest? Is the parking paid or included in the venue package?
  • Do they have their cook or we have to bring ours?
  • Are they providing a dancefloor?
  • Will they provide Dj or we have to arrange it?
  • Is there any restrictions for evening noise like fireworks or music
  • Are fireworks permitted there?
  • What safety measures they take during for preventing coronavirus outbreaks?
  • Do they provide security for gifts and guests?
  •  What’s their cancellation policy? (Don’t Forget To Ask This)


These are some common questions, you can surely add yours according to your choices, like about alcohol and beverages, what happens if it rains. Try to make everything clear and take your time before booking the venue to avoid further consequences.


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