How To Look Perfect In Your Wedding Lehenga

October 17, 2020





 When we talk about the wedding, the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is their wedding dress. Wearing the perfect fit lehenga at the wedding is the dream of every bride and spends most of the time dribble over Sabyasachi’s lehenga, right?. We girls never get tired of imagining ourselves in that perfectly slim look with the 11 shaped tummy, the defined jawline, and that sexy beauty bone but, it’s hard to compromise on our taste and has those heavy exercises especially, during the wedding euphoria.


Here are some tricks for styling your lehenga to look perfect at your wedding as you are gonna be captured from every possible angle.

  • Picking The Right Fabric:

Right fabric is the initial choice and that makes all the difference. If you are on the heavy side choose the georgette or semi silk one, it will give a good shape to your lehenga and make you look slim. Don’t go for stiff can- can go for the softer one for the georgette fabric, and for the silk one, add buckram at the bottom for a flared lehenga look.


Hide Your Tummy easily:

High Waist Lehengas is the savior, and best to hide the tummy and side fat. 

Wearing the lehenga on your slimmest part right under the ribs and above the tummy will hide all your belly fat giving you a taller and slimmer look.


Avoid Heavy Borders:  

Having a heavy border at the bottom or at the top of the lehenga will give a short and wide look to your body. Try to have a thin border or no border, it will make your legs look taller.

Get That Tall look:


If you want to look tall, the same color lehenga and blouse will be the right choice. It will create a vertical line of the same color, making your look tall and thin. If you opt for a contrast color, it may cut your body frame and will not give that perfect look.


The Right Sleeves complements the look:


The correct design of the sleeve is very important especially when you want to look slim. Don’t go for heavy embroidered or flared fabric. Choose a light design again creating a vertical line. If your upper body is heavy, full sleeves or the 3/4th one will the best to hide arm fat and will give a nice slim look.


Don’t Forget That beauty Bone:

The neck design of the blouse has a very major impact on a slim and tall look. Go for a V neck blouse or top with less embroidery, it will create an illusion of a longer neck, highlighting your collar bone, and giving a slimmer upper body look. If you are a pear-shaped one, like a wider waist, and a slim shoulder, go for the design that has heavy embroidery around the neck, and less on the lehenga. It will shift the focus to your upper body from the lower.

Choose the Right Jewelry:

 The long tassel earing does it all. The long earing and mang tika will give a v-shaped look to your face matching your contoured jawline.

You can do for either a long necklace or long earing. Avoid wearing a heavy choker, matha patties, and round mang tika if you have a round even face


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