Do You Really Need A Videographer At Your Wedding?

November 24, 2020




 We people don’t remember days but memories. Capturing & freezing the moment and making it real to relish for lifelong is not an easy task even if you are an iPhone user.

The Wedding is all about creating and living the memories. From Engagement to wedding, whether its Bride’s Attire or Bride Mates, Groom’s Attire or Groom Mates, the happy tears of parents or little sister’s enjoyment, the unfinished decoration or waiting for Barat, every little moment and emotion of the Wedding is precious and a Professional Photographer is responsible for storing all these and present in the best way possible.

But there is a delusion that if you can click pictures,  you can shoot too and, many questions come into our mind that can a professional photographer be a good videographer? Is it necessary to hire a videographer separately for a wedding? Do we need two different professionals for Photography and Videography

if you are on the same page, then let me clarify this for you.

Most of the time, we get the combined Wedding Package of  Wedding Photographer and Wedding Videographer, but their roles are completely different and cannot be entertained by one another.

A wedding photographer captures the most beautiful version of the couple tying the knot for a lifetime but cannot shoot video at the same time. A Photographer has a separate skill, their effort cannot be defined and, the photographer is the most important guest on the wedding day after the Bride and Groom.

But does photographs are enough to treasure your special day?

No, Photography is the snapshot of your wedding but Videography is living emotions of your wedding


You spend months planning your wedding and of course, being a bride or groom you will not be able to watch everything, you may miss something and a snapshot will not satisfy you but a video can.

Your happy reaction, when the love of your life is coming downstairs to become your wife, that emotional smile of the father when the bride is taking her 7 vows, the slow-mo of your pheras (seven Circumambulations), the soothing chant that ties the bride and groom into husband and wife, the laughter of the guests, the story of hiding the grooms’ shoes by cousins and many more big and tiny moments will be captured by a Videographer and Drone Videography can capture the whole venue at once. videography is totally the second eye of the wedding after yours that captures every moment so you can feel it again and again.

Actually, Photography and Videography go parallelly, we at Ansh Studio seize all those tiny lives in our camera and turn them into never forgetting pictures and Videos so you can relive the moment that you can’t put into words.


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